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Have A Cookie...

May 112018

... and a notice that this site uses cookies.


Anyone else sick of those stupid annoying "We use cookies" popups?

They are fucking annoying and useless. tell me, What site with ads or with any other type of user-based content doesn't have cookies.


I couldn't fucking care less if you are storing cookies in my browser so shut the fuck up!

A word about WebSiter (TailBone)

Apr 192018

Where the hell is the next update?

Nowhere. I havent had the time or capacity to work on it, between my job, school, family and various other things I just havent had a chance,

I am NOT abandoning the project though, it has just been set asside for a while. Hopefully I can get a bit done on it over break in a couple days. No gaurentee.


I have also been going back and fourth in my head on whether or not I want to redo it from the ground up or work off the currently horribly doccumented code that I barely remember... Probably going to do a rebuild. But if I do that, it will take a lot more time, worth it? IDK.


Apr 172018

Whelp. Im legal now.
Feeling a mix of anxiety and other stuff here, not sure how to feel about this.

Sure some people see it as a milestone but to me its just another year but now with some added weight *shrugs* I don't know.


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